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Simão Martinez (Lisbon, 1993) is an artist based in Lisbon, Portugal.

He has been exhibiting regularly since 2017, both in Portugal and abroad (France, Spain, Poland and the UK), and his work can be found in both private and institutional collections in Portugal, Spain, France, the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy. His works have also been published in over a dozen catalogs (see "Publications").

His choice of media encompasses printmaking (stone lithography & chalchography), painting and drawing, and he works towards harmonizing the profound material mastery that their traditions have honed throughout history, both in Western and Eastern approaches, with the conceptual freedom of contemporary times.

Although his work avoids values such as urgency and disruptiveness, it is nonetheless the product of exposure to contemporary culture. In between his broad, often dissociative scope of subject matter and formal qualities, lies a central focus on creating objects that evade "contemporaryness", in a dialogue that does not privilege their own temporal context, but rather their inherent phenomenological and material character, and the somewhat atemporal state art can exist in.


BA, Drawing (graduated 2019)

Faculty of Fine-Arts, University of Lisbon

MA, Painting (ongoing, 2020-)

Faculty of Fine-Arts, University of Lisbon


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@simaomartinez 